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Taking a structured approach to relationship management

It is sometimes useful to take a structured approach to managing stakeholder relationships within an information-intensive organization. One way to do so is to use a stakeholder matrix to identify stakeholder’s current levels of interest and influence, and, more importantly, charter out where those stakeholders need to be in order for the project or program to be a success. This will allow your teams to create an action plan based on a shared strategy for engaging with key stakeholders. This might include developing a shared talking points, a communication plan, or even something like a full fledged V.M.O.S.T.

Bringing opposition into planning

One key, but oftentimes disguised process of Stakeholder Management is to identify key obstacles and oppositions to a project. In an unstructured and underbound working environment, opposition is often ignored and seen as detrimental to a project. A more holistic model of managing change is to invite opposing views early in the process and attempt to build a safe forum for critical conversations.

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